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I've received many blessings lately, in the form of free massages wherever I go. There's always a handy dandy massage therapist popping up whenever my arm gets tingly and hurty from playing guitar. Pengpeng, Debbie, Courtney, and the bagel girl from Utica, I thank you... I started taking my glucosamine chondroitin today, and I'm hoping it will help fix me up. I'm also seeing a specialist tomorrow, recommended by a friend and fellow musician.

Thursday night... The Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad is opening for The Wailers at water street tonight... I wish they were doing a show at Whiskey, because that's actually affordable. So, that was just me going through my plans for the night. aaaaaand now I have none. What to do, what to do? I have a vague idea, but let's call that a last resort... or not, we'll see...

someday I'll think of something interesting to write in here, I promise.
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yesterday, I walked past my neighbor's house. His fire alarm was going off, and he was shouting at someone inside. Oh, that Ron...

yesterday, I walked down to Lux for a late drink. My friend was making arts and crafts. He was quite drunk. I happened to bring up a conspiracy theory I'd heard about the World Trade Center attacks a few years ago. He told me that I needed to consider to whom I was talking. I said, I take it this is not a neutral topic to you, to which he responded by taking my hand as if for a handshake, and then holding it in such a way as to insinuate that he was going to break my thumb if I kept on about it. I said, are you threatening to break my thumb, Nazir? and he changed his grip into a regular old handshake. then, he said, push? or pull? as he pushed and pulled my hand to and away from me. Neither, said I, I just shake.

at that point, he went back to making his mobile of pictures of pop icons, with charles manson in the middle, surrounded by billie joe armstrong, marilyn monroe, and others. I left him to it, and walked home without buying a second drink.

Oh, that Nazir...

My gig with Nora the other night was a glorious success, aside from the fact that almost no one listened, and I made next to nothing in tips and album sales... HOWEVER, we used Nora's uber-inexpensive PA system, and it sounded great. I want to get one just like it. Also, Nora and I played well, both together and seperate, after our summer hiatus. We've got some awesome gigs coming up, they're listed on ( if anyone's interested in coming. Right now, I'm working on playing at some more local colleges and coffee shops, wish me luck and no broken thumbs...

PS... come see Amos and I at Daily Perks this Friday at 8 PM, $4 at the door. It's going to be awesome.

(possible future band name... Matt Cross and the Libarians. If I hear that word any more, I'm going to HAVE to do something with it...)
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the coolest I've ever been

PinkStrs3 (6:14:35 PM): do you listen to neutral milk hotel?
MatthewL329 (6:16:18 PM): no, do you?
PinkStrs3 (6:16:37 PM): yeah
MatthewL329 (6:22:28 PM): are they awesome?
PinkStrs3 (6:23:22 PM): well you'd have to listen to them i guess
MatthewL329 (6:23:55 PM): i don't have to do anything.
MatthewL329 (6:23:59 PM): you're not the boss of me.
PinkStrs3 (6:24:12 PM): lol
MatthewL329 (6:24:31 PM): hahaha
MatthewL329 (6:24:39 PM): little brother mode~!
PinkStrs3 (6:24:59 PM): never had a younger sibling
MatthewL329 (6:25:30 PM): that's too bad, it's good practice for dealing with totally unreasonable people
PinkStrs3 (6:25:49 PM): haha well i do have a neice and nephew
PinkStrs3 (6:25:55 PM): only my neice is still a baby
MatthewL329 (6:26:12 PM): ah, the most unreasonable of all kinds of people
MatthewL329 (6:26:19 PM): you can smack them and smack them, but they still keep crying
PinkStrs3 (6:26:38 PM): i would never
PinkStrs3 (6:26:40 PM): she is so cute
MatthewL329 (6:27:02 PM): some day you will want to smash her like a rotten melon.
MatthewL329 (6:27:17 PM): SPLAM!
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living in rome is hell on my finger nails... so much time that feels like flat sprite... just... blah and nothing and unpleasant. My dad thinks I drink too much. he may be right.

but, that's off to a bad start. i'm having a great summer, quite possibly one of the best of my life. Footbag is as constant as I can make it. I've been feeling some serious withdrawal after my trip. I remember feeling the same way after worlds last year. I need to figure out a good way to surround myself with footbag all the time. I don't know why I waste my time with all this music nonsense. I'd rather just play hacky ;)

And speaking of the music nonsense... The shows around here have been great. I look forward to getting my camera back (which I've left in Rochester) so I can post some pictures from the last few. I've been packing the coffee houses, and I played an awesome house concert the day before I left for Europe. All good good times. i just wish words were coming out of me. I need to induce them with a bit more elbow grease and a little less plant matter grease... I haven't written a real song since victory gin (unless you count the botanist... which, unfortunately, is becoming a hit, so to speak... no pun intended). I swear, I've got an assload of tunes waiting to happen. I've got some music that's been hanging inside me for probably 2 years now, and I think it's really good, I just don't know what to say about it. maybe it's time for me to start ripping out the instrumentals... Or not. No! I have something to say! I swear!!! I just wish someone would get in an argument with me about something, so I could remember how I feel about things.

him- "huh... my nose is bleeding..."
me- "ah, do you get those a lot?"
him- "no"
me- "well... why's it bleeding?"
him- "well, I may have been digging at it pretty bad..."

hahahahahaha.... funny guy. Footbag players are WEIRD. That's one of the reasons that I love them. When I'm around them, I feel normal by comparison.

In 3 weeks, I'm going to Maryland to stay with one of the godfathers of freestyle (Peter Irish) along with one of the coolest freestylers I've ever met (Nasty Nate Linscott) who also happens to be one SERIOUS jazz guitar player. We're gonna have some good good good times. And sometime within the next week, there's going to be not one, but TWO footbag videos released with really recent footage of me. i'm pretty psyched about that, because I hit some cool stuff while we were filming. I hope I can figure out some way to watch them, as I'm on DIALUP (the devil) right now... how frustrating.

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i am in helsinki. i have been playing footbag every single day since I arrived in poland on the 12th. I believe I may be running out of energy, although my game is improving. all my hair is gone, except for a centimeter. I've learned to play the pink panther theme on my little guitar, and I've sold a few albums, and will sell a few more tonight. Last night, I told dirty jokes and smoked a joint (ok, two joints). Now we're watching a video of my friends pretending to kick each other in the head with weird effects. and they're jamming on guitar. now they're kicking each other again.

anyway, I'm having an assload of fun here in Europe. Things have been going pretty seamlessly since I arrived in Poland... getting to Poland from Munich was the only trouble spot. As my plane taxied into the airport in Munich, a flight attendant stepped on before we could deplane. "Is Matt Cross here?" Bad sign. I stepped forward, and she said "your gate has changed and now it's at blahblahblah and they're leaving! run!" So, I started running, not really sure where I had to go. I had just had coffee and head cold medicine and airplane breakfast, and I was feeling a little queasy. I checked the gate on my ticket, and started sprinting there. I was sick with breakfast and nervousness, and found myself running lost through a foreign airport, unable to even find the right branch of the airport for my airline, vomiting into every second garbage can, sweating, and dragging a suitcase behind me whose casters were malfunctioning, causing it to flop over and hit me in the heel and hold me up even more ever twenty meters... I arrived at my gate just when my plane was supposed to leave. "Vrotswahv!?!" (my destination), said I to the attendant at the gate, and she said "No! the gate was changed, it's twenty gates back in the other direction, you ran past it!" So, another vomitous bag-flopping mad dash got me to where I had to be, and down to the bus to the plane in time, where I found myself with a good 10-15 minute wait on my hands. That was the worst part, because I had just rid myself of my breakfast, gotten myself all a-flustered, soaked my shirt in sweat, and it was all unneccessary. It felt like a good adventure, though, and at least it hasn't happened since...

They give you filet mignon in first class and free drinks. In europe, the airplane snacks are much tastier and more plentiful. The language barrier hasn't been much of a problem, as everyone speaks english. Priciness is a bit of a hindrance, but we live cheap, and if I'm lucky, my main man brett will let me pay him for my hotel space once we're back in North America. I think I am in the process of being hired for another footbag gig on the long island area, and I plan on at least 3 or 4 gigs in Rome in August. Life is good. See you all soon. ps: dave wilder, your postcard is in the works. I've written my part, now I just need cool people to write on it.
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they call me mellow yellow.

Crispin Glover on Letterman in the late 80s is one of the most entertaining talk show clips I've ever seen. I love seeing unplanned insanity on Live TV.

Another slow day. I played no footbag yesterday, only drank beer slowly from 4 to midnight or so, with a brief interlude for open mic. Well... Not that slowly. Fast enough to have a real hard time adding $19 and $5 when I had to sign off on the bill. I think they must have forgotten to charge for at least one drink... Yay for lux... I went with my friend Franky who's also known as Emily by everyone except me, it seems. Names are funny.

I hope to play footbag today, the weather looks incredible. I'll need to eat better, I've only had a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I'll sneak over to Rite Aid for an energy bar... Getting this bagel down is a chore.

Seems that Nora is going to be holding her own a little more at Power of Cleverness shows in the future, she brought the house down at Daily Perks last night. It was easily the highlight of the open mic for me.

In less than a week, I'll be a Roman again. I already have a gig scheduled for Spresso's, the new downtown coffee shop on James St, I believe. I'll post gig information later today once I've got it put together, and I make myself a little online flyer. I'm really excited, because I think I can ride the good energy from my last show in Rome to make this one successful as well.

and then in a month and a half or so, it's off to Europe for legball kicking for a month. I bought a guitar yesterday to bring with me, a Tacoma Papoose. It's a short-scale guitar tuned to A instead of E (read: mini) so it will be great for travel, as I'll be able to bring it with me as carry-on luggage... I hope. The main reason I got it... well, the main two reasons... are that I don't want to subject either of my two main guitars to intercontinental travel until I can afford a private jet, and also, full sized guitars are heavy. This little guy is not. I should get it in about a week, I'm paying for it today. I'll post pictures with it when I've got it. I got it for a steal on Ebay, the Buy It Now price was well under the final sale price of all the Papoosi that had been sold in the past few weeks. I just need a hardshell case for it, and I'm having some trouble finding that. I might choose to reinforce the gig bag with some serious cardboard or thin plywood or something... maybe some sheet metal with some kind of surgical tubing wrapped around the edge so it doesn't shred the bag from the inside out. I am DEFINITELY open to suggestion on this one.

But, whatever I choose to do, I'm super psyched to get my new instrument, and SUPER psyched to be hanging around Europe with hack players and singing songs in a month. The month spent at the zoo shovelling, hammering, scolding, and sweeping will be WELL worth it...
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I've had very little to do at work for the past... oh, 3 hours or so. So they gave me legos to play with.

I have assembled a small, red toucan with antennae.

I'll be here all week, folks...

no, really. I'm gonna be here the rest of the week.

maybe tomorrow, I'll make a robot.
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I was thinking a few months back...

remember Empire Records? at the end, where the girl from Mallrats flips out on the pretty preppy girl because she takes speed and can stay up all night studying to get perfect grades and now she's a speed freak... Used to be, someone would say, "wow, that's messed up, I guess everyone's got a darker side, but we all have to be understanding and forgiving and help each other through our mess". at least, that's what I think the intent of that part of the movie was going for...

But I think our current social situation has kinda nullified that point. Now, when kids see that movie, they'll think, "what's that crazy girl flipping out about? the pretty one's just taking her ritalin. I think the crazy one needs some ritalin, too. That would fix her."
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yesterday, driving to work, I saw a bumper sticker on a woman's car that read, "Every breath is a gift". She had it placed right above the blue-smoke-spewing, rusted old tailpipe that dangled off the back of her car... Some days, it's just too early for irony.

back to rome for a month, then off to europe to kick legballs and play songs on corners for change...

hey, sugarglider... if you stalk this particular entry ;) ... come to the zoo in June... I'll give you the grand tour, and you can play with the monkeys. sound good? call me...