Matthew Cross (matthewl329) wrote,
Matthew Cross

apparently I left a meatbomb in the fridge back at the Cayuga SoundLab, and it detonated all over the bottom of the fridge yesterday. This saddens me, because I know it's just going to get grosser and grosser until I go back and clean it up. and today's only wednesday.

I have a gig this Friday in Corning. I guess this is me officially asking Nora if she can come. I've been meaning to send an email for days now, but this is where it comes up first. So, Nora, can you come?

It's at a little joint on Market St called SoulFull Cup at 8 PM. I don't know if anyone who reads this is from down that way... Geneseo's closer to Corning than Rochester... ;) Anyway, I hope a few faces pop up in the crowd...

Toronto's been nice. and Nice is an understatement. I've been quite pampered by my friends Stephen and Janice. They've been the most gracious hosts. I'm having a bit of trouble finding open mics in TO, but not much trouble finding footbag players. I played with Camille and Will last night. Jorden Moir might come down from Dundas to play with us this evening. I was going to link up with Tom, but the logistics never worked out.

I never posted about my show last show...

to those of you who read this who were there... thanks a lot. it was the audience that made the night for me. seeing that full, attentive room gave me so much good energy and confidence that I was able to give one of my best performances. Matt Sneed and I had a great time playing to you guys, and we hope to see you all out again.

My mom and Nora's dad both feel the show could have been longer and still quite enjoyable. My dad thinks it was the right length, but could have used a set break in the middle. What do you think, reader reader? I'm leaning towards my dad's opinion.

There's some pictures from our show in Nora's livejournal. Check them out by clicking here.

Back to Coltrane and cold coffee...
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