Matthew Cross (matthewl329) wrote,
Matthew Cross

There was a time when I posted in this thing from time to time. Now the time has come again. Time to post.

More sounds and gigs lately. No more songs. It's been since January, on that front. The rap song I wrote has been going over really well. I may make another one, I like rhyming.

I'm having a singer / songwriter in the round party on Friday at 10 with my friend Tom. He has a practice space downtown right by Water Street Music Hall. If anyone wants to come, they should leave a comment. All are invited, but the operative word for this event is **party**... I don't plan on making this a "family-oriented" event... So, if you need or you are a chaperone, or if the beings and doings of your average early-twenty-something at a party is not your thing, please don't come. If I want to drink coffee while I play music, I'll just go to Daily Perks ;) That said, I hope a lot of people with fresh, original songs or other artistic works will come out, and I hope lots will post in this thread so I can give them directions. The amazing Amos Rosenstein will be there, which should be reason enough for anyone to go.

What else... I hope everyone's up for a footbag tournament in rochester in about a month...
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