Matthew Cross (matthewl329) wrote,
Matthew Cross

I was thinking a few months back...

remember Empire Records? at the end, where the girl from Mallrats flips out on the pretty preppy girl because she takes speed and can stay up all night studying to get perfect grades and now she's a speed freak... Used to be, someone would say, "wow, that's messed up, I guess everyone's got a darker side, but we all have to be understanding and forgiving and help each other through our mess". at least, that's what I think the intent of that part of the movie was going for...

But I think our current social situation has kinda nullified that point. Now, when kids see that movie, they'll think, "what's that crazy girl flipping out about? the pretty one's just taking her ritalin. I think the crazy one needs some ritalin, too. That would fix her."
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