Matthew Cross (matthewl329) wrote,
Matthew Cross

they call me mellow yellow.

Crispin Glover on Letterman in the late 80s is one of the most entertaining talk show clips I've ever seen. I love seeing unplanned insanity on Live TV.

Another slow day. I played no footbag yesterday, only drank beer slowly from 4 to midnight or so, with a brief interlude for open mic. Well... Not that slowly. Fast enough to have a real hard time adding $19 and $5 when I had to sign off on the bill. I think they must have forgotten to charge for at least one drink... Yay for lux... I went with my friend Franky who's also known as Emily by everyone except me, it seems. Names are funny.

I hope to play footbag today, the weather looks incredible. I'll need to eat better, I've only had a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I'll sneak over to Rite Aid for an energy bar... Getting this bagel down is a chore.

Seems that Nora is going to be holding her own a little more at Power of Cleverness shows in the future, she brought the house down at Daily Perks last night. It was easily the highlight of the open mic for me.

In less than a week, I'll be a Roman again. I already have a gig scheduled for Spresso's, the new downtown coffee shop on James St, I believe. I'll post gig information later today once I've got it put together, and I make myself a little online flyer. I'm really excited, because I think I can ride the good energy from my last show in Rome to make this one successful as well.

and then in a month and a half or so, it's off to Europe for legball kicking for a month. I bought a guitar yesterday to bring with me, a Tacoma Papoose. It's a short-scale guitar tuned to A instead of E (read: mini) so it will be great for travel, as I'll be able to bring it with me as carry-on luggage... I hope. The main reason I got it... well, the main two reasons... are that I don't want to subject either of my two main guitars to intercontinental travel until I can afford a private jet, and also, full sized guitars are heavy. This little guy is not. I should get it in about a week, I'm paying for it today. I'll post pictures with it when I've got it. I got it for a steal on Ebay, the Buy It Now price was well under the final sale price of all the Papoosi that had been sold in the past few weeks. I just need a hardshell case for it, and I'm having some trouble finding that. I might choose to reinforce the gig bag with some serious cardboard or thin plywood or something... maybe some sheet metal with some kind of surgical tubing wrapped around the edge so it doesn't shred the bag from the inside out. I am DEFINITELY open to suggestion on this one.

But, whatever I choose to do, I'm super psyched to get my new instrument, and SUPER psyched to be hanging around Europe with hack players and singing songs in a month. The month spent at the zoo shovelling, hammering, scolding, and sweeping will be WELL worth it...
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