Matthew Cross (matthewl329) wrote,
Matthew Cross

the coolest I've ever been

PinkStrs3 (6:14:35 PM): do you listen to neutral milk hotel?
MatthewL329 (6:16:18 PM): no, do you?
PinkStrs3 (6:16:37 PM): yeah
MatthewL329 (6:22:28 PM): are they awesome?
PinkStrs3 (6:23:22 PM): well you'd have to listen to them i guess
MatthewL329 (6:23:55 PM): i don't have to do anything.
MatthewL329 (6:23:59 PM): you're not the boss of me.
PinkStrs3 (6:24:12 PM): lol
MatthewL329 (6:24:31 PM): hahaha
MatthewL329 (6:24:39 PM): little brother mode~!
PinkStrs3 (6:24:59 PM): never had a younger sibling
MatthewL329 (6:25:30 PM): that's too bad, it's good practice for dealing with totally unreasonable people
PinkStrs3 (6:25:49 PM): haha well i do have a neice and nephew
PinkStrs3 (6:25:55 PM): only my neice is still a baby
MatthewL329 (6:26:12 PM): ah, the most unreasonable of all kinds of people
MatthewL329 (6:26:19 PM): you can smack them and smack them, but they still keep crying
PinkStrs3 (6:26:38 PM): i would never
PinkStrs3 (6:26:40 PM): she is so cute
MatthewL329 (6:27:02 PM): some day you will want to smash her like a rotten melon.
MatthewL329 (6:27:17 PM): SPLAM!
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