Matthew Cross (matthewl329) wrote,
Matthew Cross

yesterday, I walked past my neighbor's house. His fire alarm was going off, and he was shouting at someone inside. Oh, that Ron...

yesterday, I walked down to Lux for a late drink. My friend was making arts and crafts. He was quite drunk. I happened to bring up a conspiracy theory I'd heard about the World Trade Center attacks a few years ago. He told me that I needed to consider to whom I was talking. I said, I take it this is not a neutral topic to you, to which he responded by taking my hand as if for a handshake, and then holding it in such a way as to insinuate that he was going to break my thumb if I kept on about it. I said, are you threatening to break my thumb, Nazir? and he changed his grip into a regular old handshake. then, he said, push? or pull? as he pushed and pulled my hand to and away from me. Neither, said I, I just shake.

at that point, he went back to making his mobile of pictures of pop icons, with charles manson in the middle, surrounded by billie joe armstrong, marilyn monroe, and others. I left him to it, and walked home without buying a second drink.

Oh, that Nazir...

My gig with Nora the other night was a glorious success, aside from the fact that almost no one listened, and I made next to nothing in tips and album sales... HOWEVER, we used Nora's uber-inexpensive PA system, and it sounded great. I want to get one just like it. Also, Nora and I played well, both together and seperate, after our summer hiatus. We've got some awesome gigs coming up, they're listed on ( if anyone's interested in coming. Right now, I'm working on playing at some more local colleges and coffee shops, wish me luck and no broken thumbs...

PS... come see Amos and I at Daily Perks this Friday at 8 PM, $4 at the door. It's going to be awesome.

(possible future band name... Matt Cross and the Libarians. If I hear that word any more, I'm going to HAVE to do something with it...)
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