Matthew Cross (matthewl329) wrote,
Matthew Cross

chit chat shitbat

I've received many blessings lately, in the form of free massages wherever I go. There's always a handy dandy massage therapist popping up whenever my arm gets tingly and hurty from playing guitar. Pengpeng, Debbie, Courtney, and the bagel girl from Utica, I thank you... I started taking my glucosamine chondroitin today, and I'm hoping it will help fix me up. I'm also seeing a specialist tomorrow, recommended by a friend and fellow musician.

Thursday night... The Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad is opening for The Wailers at water street tonight... I wish they were doing a show at Whiskey, because that's actually affordable. So, that was just me going through my plans for the night. aaaaaand now I have none. What to do, what to do? I have a vague idea, but let's call that a last resort... or not, we'll see...

someday I'll think of something interesting to write in here, I promise.
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